Greenies should give up their cars and phones

Ever been involved in a climate emergency “discussion” on Facebook or elsewhere on the Internet and seen or been the recipient of a post along the lines of:

‘You are a greenie hypocrite and should give up your car, mobile phone etc. etc.’?

Usually those types of posts are full of spelling mistakes and capitalisation issues and it can be tempting to reply along the lines of:

‘Do you believe in the moon landing, that probes have been sent to Mars and elsewhere? Do you believe that Bezos and Branson went to the edge of space, that Tesla cars exist and don’t run on petrol? If you do, then these all came about from science. If you don’t believe in science, perhaps you should give up your car, phone, any medical or dental help you get because scientists enabled all of those and more. Science also shows us that since industrialisation that CO2 emissions have skyrocketed* and that Earth is warming*.’

The more concise and polite version to reply with:

‘The very same organisation that sent humans to the moon, probes into space and more also state that since industrialisation, CO2 emissions have skyrocketed* and that Earth is warming*’.

Or just reply with a link to this article by clicking the Copy button below and then pasting it as a reply to the Facebook post(s).

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